Team Focus

Sole Creator, writer, contributing artist and internship coach and teaching artist: Yvonne Wan.

Main artist: Douglas Hebert, who is Focus Comic’s internship coach; an award winning artist and certified elementary/middle school art teacher with experience teaching autistic kids. He is the head art teacher for the Focus comic free art camp.

Contributing Artists for Book 1 include:

  • Yvonne Wan who is an award winning artist and have worked for Cartoon Network; Saatchi and Saatchi and Ogilvy and Mather.
  • Douglas Hebert, award winning artist, Focus internship coach and certified elementary art school teacher.  He has also recently been honored as a hero by ABC news.
  • Tabidi Elkhali, intern with autism.
  • Francisco Javier Rodriguez who is known for his work on Ecos and Horror.
  • Jenn Corella who is known for her work on IDWs Woman Thology; Markosia Publishing and Living Dead Press

Contributing colorists for book 1:

  • Legendary Paul Mounts who is famous for working on Spider Man , Fantastic Four and Ultimates.
  • Luis Guerrero, who is a colorist for DC comics (EG: The Flash); Titan Comics and Vertigo
  • Jim Boswell, who is known for working on Judge Dredd 2000AD; Starship Troopers for Markosia; KiCK! Football magazine and Project Luna: 1947 for Markosia.
  • Ashler Bate, who is known for working on indie comics and satire.
  • Sarah Christina who is known for working on Tomb Raider.
  • Kevin De Castro who is known for working on GI Joe, Scarlett Strike Force and Moon Streak.
  • Steve Canon who is known for working on Sissonne; Last Judgement and super heroes.
  • Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna who is known for working on fantasy, action and humor.

TV Presenter with autism: Gaby Tyrrell.

Internship coaches: Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan.

Comic Book Interns with autism: Tabidi Elkhalil, Malekith George, Zoe Marie and Jett Yu

Trading Card Interns with autism: Cirdan Mater, Jett Yu, Blaze Fernandez, Michael Guardado, Eli Gregoire, Matthew Laine and Charlie Maschinot and Sylvan Cochran.

Trading Card Interns with special needs: Karen Samaniego

Art Teacher intern: Elisha Perry & Josiah Perry.

Art Assistant: Crystal Perry.

Teaching Artists: Yvonne Wan, Douglas Hebert, Theresa Deacon and others.

We have other professionals and specialists that provide support (Such as Occupational therapists and Special Ed teachers and more.

Goodwill ambassador: Tony Todd

French Interpretors: P. Lysiak. P. Laetitia. G. Pineau

Chinese Interpretors: S. Peebles. K. Fyock

Graphic Design and lettering; Film Production & Animation work: Yvonne Wan.

In house Social Cultural Anthropologist, and communications planner: Yvonne Wan