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Focus Comic Panel at Tucson Comicon – Promo Film Premiere – Tony Todd, Jesse Kove & Bryan Dodds

Focus comic received a warm welcome at Tucson Comicon 2017. We held our first Focus Comic Panel and Animation Promo Film Premier at the event, which features the voice talents of Tony Todd, Jesse Kove and Bryan Dodds. Certified Commercial Social Cultural Anthropologist and Sole Creator of Focus comic introduced the audience to this exciting action adventure comic which is… Read more →

Focus Comic – Autistic Families Unite at a Community Out Reach Event at Tucson Comicon

Yvonne Wan, Certified Social Cultural Anthropologist and Creator of Focus met with families and the general public at Tucson Comicon 2017. She conducted ethnographic interviews with families at the event and educated the public about the campaign. Focus is not just a comic, it is a social cause campaign that will improve the quality of life for those affected by… Read more →

Focus Comic on KGUN9 News on TV – A new superhero with autism was showcased at Tucson’s Comic-Con

  Focus Comic was featured on KGUN9 News on Tv last night. They headline the report: A new superhero with autism was showcased at Tucson’s Comic-Con. You may watch the news report on the news website. Check out the news report! #autismawareness Please remember to support us on kickstarter (see the link on the top menu) http://www.kgun9.com/news/local-news/a-new-super-hero-with-autism-was-showcased-at-tucson-s-comic-con   Read more →