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Local Autistic Interns show case their art Friday Jan 24th

Focus Comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes. It features art by professionals plus art by interns with autism. It is available in English, French and now… Chinese! We will be celebrating our international book and trading card launch at Desert Dragon Pottery Studio in Phoenix on Friday January 24 at 7pm to 9pm. Special guests attending… Read more →

New Focus Comic Trading Card featuring art by Jett Yu, our 9 year old intern with autism

Congrats to Jett Yu, for becoming our latest autistic intern to receive his own trading card. Jett Yu is American Chinese and is 9 years old. He is based in Phoenix, and loves to draw and really loves the positive portrayal of an autistic super hero through this international comic book. Many thanks to Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan for… Read more →

New Art Teacher Intern

We are pleased to announce that Joe Perry of #phoenix has joined our Focus Comic team as our Focus Comic Art Teacher intern. We will have 5 teachers assisting in the next free Focus comic art class this weekend to help champion autistic talent in #phoenix. Certified Art Teacher Douglas Hebert and Focus Creator Yvonne Wan will be responsible for… Read more →

Focus Comic Art Camp. Free Drawing and Sculpture painting workshop Week 15

We are 15 weeks into our Focus comic art camp which is free for kids and young adults with autism. We had a successful art workshop on November 9th where kids with autism were given a drawing and sculpture painting workshop. The students were taught how to draw Focus the autistic super hero with different halloween backgrounds. In addition the… Read more →