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The importance of supporting the arts and how it enriches the lives of individuals; families and communities; especially those on the autism spectrum.

Art plays an important role in all societies. It is a powerful way of communication; expression, education and storytelling. It cuts through barriers of language, class and culture. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Art captivates, inspires and influences others, moves people intellectually and emotionally. It engages people to discuss issues that are often overlooked, misunderstood, misrepresented and misapprehended.… Read more →

Meet Jade from Focus Comic

Meet Jade from Focus comic. Descendant of the Forgotten Chinese Emperor. Martial Arts Master and Commander of the Terra-cotta Army Spirits. Her mystical ancient Jade sword gives her power. Created and sketched by Yvonne Wan. Thank you #LuisGuerrero, #DCComics colorist for #TheFlash for helping our Focus Comic #autismawareness #socialcause project. Please support our social cause project. Digital comics are $5,… Read more →

Focus Comic – Autism Awareness Community Outreach Event – Ace Comiccon

Above: Focus Creator Yvonne Wan. Autistic Presenter: Gaby Tyrrell. Interviewing the public at Ace Comic Con.   Yvonne Wan, social cultural anthropologist and creator of Focus comic held another community outreach event to raise autism awareness over the weekend at Ace Comic-Con. So far we have held four community outreach events: Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix Fan Fest, Tucson Comicon and Ace… Read more →

Focus Comic – Autistic Families Unite at a Community Out Reach Event at Tucson Comicon

Yvonne Wan, Certified Social Cultural Anthropologist and Creator of Focus met with families and the general public at Tucson Comicon 2017. She conducted ethnographic interviews with families at the event and educated the public about the campaign. Focus is not just a comic, it is a social cause campaign that will improve the quality of life for those affected by… Read more →

Focus Comic Autism Awareness Campaign Launch – Phoenix Comicon – Meeting the public

Focus Comic creator Yvonne Wan (Anthropologist) is launching her Autism Awareness Campaign at Phoenix Comicon. The comic features an Autistic Super Hero. She is receiving a warm reception from the general public and autistic individuals also. She hopes the comic will challenge the stigma associated with Autism, help autistic individuals feel they can be every day heroes, inspire hope and save… Read more →