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Focus Comic free art camp for autistic kids. Week 27

We are 27 weeks into our Focus comic art camp which is free for kids and young adults with autism. We had a successful art workshop this week, where students learned about different painting and glazing techniques and different effects. They also learned about color categorization, arithmetic, matching color codes to glazing bottles and more. They painted Zombie brain bowls,… Read more →

New Focus Comic Trading Card featuring art by Jett Yu, our 9 year old intern with autism

Congrats to Jett Yu, for becoming our latest autistic intern to receive his own trading card. Jett Yu is American Chinese and is 9 years old. He is based in Phoenix, and loves to draw and really loves the positive portrayal of an autistic super hero through this international comic book. Many thanks to Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan for… Read more →

New Comic Cover by Zoe Marie, our non verbal intern with autism

We are excited to share with you, the latest variant cover by our Focus Comic non verbal autistic intern Zoe Marie who is 7 years old! This is the second cover we are printing featuring her beautiful art. Many thanks to Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan our Focus Comic internship coaches for helping her fulfill creative potential. They did a great job teaching. Doug… Read more →

New Focus Trading Card by Zoe our non verbal autistic intern

We are pleased to reveal the latest Focus comic trading card featuring art by Zoe Marie, our non verbal autistic intern. Out now as part of a special 10 piece trading set. Internship Coach and inker: Douglas Hebert. Colorist: Legendary Paul Mounts- Spiderman colorist. Creator: Yvonne Wan. Support autistic talent, Support autism awareness, Support Focus comic. Read more →

Focus Comic Art Camp. Free for autistic kids and young adults – Week 13

We had a successful art workshop on October 19th where autistic kids made paper clay bedroom name plaques, halloween coasters and halloween candy bowls using hand building techniques. The students had the opportunity to make new friends, and spend time with their family members working on a fun family project together. The students also had fun playing with the instruments… Read more →

Free community coloring competition featuring art by Douglas Hebert and our non verbal autistic intern Zoe Marie at Fan X comic con

Come on down to booth 2331 at FanX this weekend where we will have a free community coloring competition where everyone can color in Focus the autistic super hero for a chance to win cool prizes. Line art by Douglas Hebert and non verbal autistic intern Zoe Marie (There will be two designs for people to choose from). We will… Read more →