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World Autism Awareness day Special Offer: Order trading cards by our autistic interns and receive a free limited edition bookmark

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Day, Focus comic are proud to release a 25 piece trading card set featuring art by professionals plus art by our autistic interns. The 12 trading cards displayed here are by our autistic interns. Please support autistic talent by ordering placing an order today. Customers who select the 25 piece set will receive a… Read more →

Autism Awareness month: Meet our new autistic Trading Card intern: Emmett Sturtz, 8 years old. Please support his art

We are pleased to announce that Emmett Sturtz of Colorado has joined our Focus comic team as our latest Trading card intern with autism. Emmett is 8 year old. He is our first autistic intern to have his trading card released on autism awareness month! Emmett loves to draw and he loves to cut up his art into cute shapes.… Read more →