Profile information

Alias name: Focus™

Focus Real Name: Alex Wilson
Condition: Autism

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 185 lbs

Group Affiliation: The Secret Lineage.


Alex was diagnosed with autism (autism spectrum disorder) as a young child and was bullied up until to his late teens. He later learned to defend himself with Kung Fu; Aikido and Karate with the help of his neighbor Mr. Wong who became his ‘Si-fu’ (meaning skilled teacher). Mr. Wong taught him the art of meditation and extreme mental focus. This technique combined with Alex’s autism enabled him to develop a form of precognition. He is able to predict crime based on probabilities. Alex later stumbled across a light bending cloak in a mysterious brief case that he found abandoned on the overhead luggage rack on a train carriage. The light bending cloak is made of high tech material as light as silk. The suit is solar powered and has a cubist appearance similar to the mirrored tiles you would typically see on a disco ball. The cloak can manipulate light in 5 ways:

  • Reflection
  • Refraction (Invisibility mode)
  • Dispersion
  • Combustion of light
  • Illumination

A prism of light (rainbow spectrum) can be seen during all transformations. The transformation usually starts from his hands, moving up his arm gradually, spreading to the rest of his body. The default mode is reflection. The suit is powerful, but has limitations. For example, the shields are inactive when the special modes are activated. In addition, the cloak has limited power storage capabilities, so regular access to daylight is needed to maintain power levels for the suit.   The suit has an inbuilt visor, allowing the owner to access unlimited live and historical stream data from servers around the world. Alex soon took on the alias identity ‘Focus’ in order to apply his unique gifts to protect others from bullying and harm. Focus started his journey with tackling street level crime and then worked his way into tackling higher threats to society when he joined a group of heroes with super abilities called ‘The Secret Lineage’.

Abilities: Super focusing abilities. Power of precognition. Expert in Martial Arts.

Did you know: Focus also loves to read comic books.

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The above art is sketched by Yvonne Wan, and colored by Luis Guerrero.