Focus Comic Internship Program

We are now accepting applications to our Focus Comic art internship program for 2019. Applicants from around the world regardless of age and background are welcome to apply. Feel free to apply if you are an aspiring artist wanting to fulfill your creative potential and get your work published within the community section of our Chinese issue of Focus comic issue 1. Applicants are not required to know Chinese.

To apply please email us the following information to [email protected] :

Full Name:


Address and Country:

Telephone Number: 


Date of Birth:

Website links showing your work:  Please do not email us any file attachments. We will only assess art that you share on a website. Please include a self portrait as we expect our interns to have skills in drawing the human form and faces. Students above the age of 16 are expected to demonstrate that they can draw in the style of realism.

What is your purpose (In less than 600 words)?:

What Inspires you?:

How would you describe yourself using 3 words?:

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Want to learn about our internship program?

Focus™ Comic is unique because it is part of a long term communications plan to entertain readers whilst maintaining dignity for those on the spectrum by removing the stigma associated with autism. The sole Creator Yvonne Wan introduced an internship program help autistic individuals gain greater representation in the comic industry, education sector and in the media. The purpose of the internship program is to help talented individuals to fulfill their potential and have their work recognized. Our comic demonstrates that individuals with autism can contribute in society in meaningful ways.

Yvonne Wan, certified social cultural anthropologist appointed Douglas Hebert as the main artist and internship coach for Focus Comic. Douglas Hebert is an award winning professional artist and also Elementary School Art teacher who has experience in teaching kids including those with autism. He teaches over 1,500 art students a year and have been providing one to one coaching to the Focus interns. He is also the head art teacher at the Focus comic art camp, which is free for autistic kids and young adults in Phoenix.

We appointed two art interns to contribute to the community page within Focus Comic in 2018. The community page comprises of short comic strips.

Tabidi  who has autism was promoted to also work on some of the art within the main story within the comic in addition to working on the community page.

Malekith who has autism was also given the opportunity to draw a comic strip on the community page. In an interview Malekith expresses what this project means to him:

“Hi My name is Malekith, I am an intern of the Focus Comic and I’ve been drawing about Focus because he makes me feel really great about myself and awesome about myself. The reason why I like him is because he’s sort of similar to me because of him being autistic and so am I and people respect him. Doug helps me draw better because he’s a great teacher and I really like this cover. Because the Spiderman Colorist colored it which makes it amazing. I really really like Office Depot for giving me my own cover plus also the people out there who support autism awareness. Thank you”.

Here is a brief interview with Tabidi:

“I want to thank everyone for supporting this social cause including Yvonne Wan the creator of Focus, Douglas Hebert the main artist and internship coach, all the contributing artists, goodwill ambassador Tony Todd and Office Depot for giving me my own cover and for making my dreams come true. I want to especially thank them for supporting this cause because it will help millions of autistic children”.

In 2019, we appointed one intern Zoe, to contribute to the community page within the French issue of Focus comic. Zoe is 7 years old, has autism and is non verbal. Drawing brings so much joy to her life, and she loves being part of this exciting Focus project, representing autistic young talent.

We have also recently appointed Nathan Archer, is 17 as our TV Presenter Intern with autism. He will give autistic individuals greater representation in the media.

We would also like to congratulate Elisha Perry for becoming our Art Intern at our Focus comic camp. The Focus comic art camp is free for autistic kids and young adults.

Please support Focus Comic. Please support autistic people. Please support autism awareness and acceptance.