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Focus Comic International Book Launch Event

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Matthew Goebel’s book signing event at Samurai Comics. Matthew is Focus comic’s 11 year old autistic intern. Matthew was proud to see his art work published on his own variant cover. Matthew felt really excited to share his talent with the community. Please support his art by getting a copy of his… Read more →

Come Celebrate Matthew’s Variant cover book release this Sunday 1 August at Samurai Comics in Glendale

We are celebrating Matthew Goebel, our 11 year old autistic intern’s variant cover book release this Sunday 1 August 2021 at 2pm – 3pm. Please join us in celebration of this amazing achievement in getting his art work on his local comic book shelf. Matthew will see his Focus comic variant cover comic on the shelf along sider Spiderman and… Read more →

Focus comic free art camp for special needs kids week 71

Focus Comic free art camp for special needs kids. Week 71. This week, we continued our exploration into human emotions through comic art. Today we explored the feeling of frustration. Frustration is different from anger. People too often misunderstand being angry with being frustrated. These two emotions are different. Anger is a natural response to situations in which we feel… Read more →

Order Focus Comic

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by Marvel and DC comics talent plus autistic interns. Order a copy of the book today! Proceeds will be used to support autism acceptance and kids with autism through the arts. Product + Shipping Option Comic+USA/UK shipping $14.99 USDComic + International Shipping $24.99 USD Cover Option J: WAN… Read more →