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Focus Comic Art Camp. Free Drawing and Sculpture painting workshop Week 15

We are 15 weeks into our Focus comic art camp which is free for kids and young adults with autism. We had a successful art workshop on November 9th where kids with autism were given a drawing and sculpture painting workshop. The students were taught how to draw Focus the autistic super hero with different halloween backgrounds. In addition the… Read more →

Focus comic – Heroes without capes

Thanks to all the celebrities who support Focus Comic which features an autistic super hero. The comic is part of a humanitarian social cause initiative in maintaining dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated to autism, and championing kids with autism and disabilities. Click on the link below to watch video footage of these celebrities talking about why autism awareness… Read more →

Focus comic LA comic con Panel on the benefits of the arts to society and individuals with autism and disabilities is now available on Amazon Prime International

Our latest Focus Comic panel is now on Amazon Prime TV. The Focus Comic Panel at Los Angeles Comic Con is about The Importance of the Arts to Society, especially to individuals with autism and disabilities. It features qualitative research by me as a certified social cultural anthropologist with thecommunity. Read more →

Watch the latest Focus comic panel about the importance of the arts to society, autistic individuals and those with disabilities

LA comic con was a success in raising autism awareness and acceptance in LA. Check out our latest Focus comic panel at LA comic con where Creator and Certified Social cultural anthropologist Yvonne Wan and her team discusses the importance of the arts to society, autistic individuals and those with disabilities. The panel includes qualitative research by film ethnographer Yvonne… Read more →

Larry Houston Xmen Producer, Writer and Artist Supports Focus comic and autism awareness at LA comic con

Thank you Larry Houston, Producer, Writer and Artist for Xmen for supporting Focus comic and autism awareness. In this interview, Larry talks about his son who has autism, and why autism awareness is important to him and society. Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, giving autistic individuals greater representation in the media. Interview conducted and… Read more →