Focus™ Comic is an award winning superhero comic book suitable for all ages. The book is published in English, French, Chinese and German. It features one of the world’s first autistic heroes, art work by professional artists including autistic / special needs interns. The comic is part of a humanitarian social cause initiative in maintaining dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma. We run a free weekly art camp for students in the format of free zoom classes and online art tutorials (the in-person aspect of teaching is on hold due to the pandemic).  We champion autistic /special needs kids by helping them focus on what they can do instead of what they cant do. We promote inclusion and equity. We are one of the first in the comic industry to launch a prestigious Artist of the Year Award Ceremony for Autistic and Special needs kids: 

Check out our latest Focus Comic Panel at LA comic con where Creator and certified social cultural anthropologist Yvonne Wan discusses the importance of the arts to society, especially to individuals with special needs. 

The social cause project is founded and created by Yvonne Wan (A Social Cultural Anthropologist, Autism Documentary filmmaker and Award Winning Artist). We are supporters of the arts.

Our large creative team include artists who work for DC Comics and Marvel. Artist Douglas Hebert (Award winning artist, and Certified Elementary/Middle school art teacher with over 12 years experience) and Artist Yvonne Wan (Art teacher and Award winning artist) are leading the creative team and internship program. Our team include Certified Special Education art teachers.

Our students enjoy participating in our free art camp:

Here is a special Winter Festival event where the kids learned how to draw Focus and his ginger bread friends. Also Celebrity Kevin McNally and Yvonne Wan provided a free voice acting workshop for the kids:

We have started visiting schools to promote Focus Comic, and our autism awareness and anti bullying campaign. We promote community and kindness. We have had community outreach events in 8 States so far.

Amberlea Elementary School 5 day Community Outreach event.

Focus Comic Dos Rios Elementary School Community outreach event.

We recently had a successful community outreach event at San Diego Comic con in November 2021. Check out this interview with an autistic fan who read out book:

We have had various Focus Comic Panels at Greater Austin comic Con, Fan X comic con and LA comic con. Yvonne Wan who has a background in broadcast film making, televised the panels internationally.

Above: Focus comic panel with Tony Todd at FanX comic con 2019. 

Focus is part of the ‘United Humanities Project’, which is a social cause initiative by Film Ethnographer LLC.

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