Focus™ Comic is a super hero comic book suitable for all ages. It features one of the worlds first autistic heroes, art work by professional artists plus autistic interns. The comic is part of a humanitarian social cause initiative in maintaining dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated to autism, and championing kids with special needs. We also run a free weekly art camp for special needs kids. The art classes are available in the format of free zoom classes and online art tutorials.

Check out our latest Focus Comic Panel at LA comic con where Creator and Social Justice Artist Yvonne Wan discusses the importance of the arts to society, especially to individuals with autism and disabilities” 

The social cause project is founded and created by Yvonne Wan (A Social Cultural Anthropologist, Autism Documentary film maker and Award Winning Artist). The projects mission is to entertain comic readers internationally and also maintain human dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with autism.  The project also helps kids feel like every day heroes and reduce bullying. The social initiative unites  the community by promoting greater representation of autistic talent in the media and comic book industry; a culture of inclusion and provide hope to those affected by autism. This program demonstrates that people with autism can contribute in society in meaningful ways with the help of a supportive community. Click here to learn how art benefits communities especially those with autism. This project is already transforming lives through the social work it has done so far. We have donated 418 comic books to special needs kids globally, including those living in childrens homes and foster care. We hope to donate more soon.

We operate free art camp every week for autistic kids and young adults to help them fulfill their creative potential. The art camp is an ongoing part of our program and public support is always appreciated.

We have recently started visiting schools to promote Focus Comic, and our autism awareness and anti bullying campaign.

We have a local, national and international communications plan to inspire hope, promote human diversity and community. This includes having an internship program for autistic kids and young adults; community outreach events across the USA (We have had community outreach events in 9 States so far); free art workshops at community outreach events, free art camp for kids and young adults with autism, and celebrity representation.

The comic book comprises a main story and a community page.

Our large creative team include artists who work for DC Comics, Marvel, Universal Studios and more.

Artist Douglas Hebert (Award winning artist, and Elementary school art teacher with experience in teaching 1,500 kids each year) and Artist Yvonne Wan (Award winning artist) are leading the creative team and internship program for autistic kids and young adults.

Art Interns with autism: We have autistic representation on our team. Zoe Marie is 7 years old and is non verbal. She is a specialist in sign language and loves to draw. Jett Yu is 9 years old and have just joined our internship program. Malekith George (13 years old) and Tabidi (23) have their work featured on the community page. Tabidi  received a promotion and is contributing artist to the main story within the comic. 


We also accepted 8 trading card interns with autism as part of our Focus team:



In an exclusive interview with Focus Comic, Tony Todd said: “Focus the comic book, is worth supporting because so many people need new heroes. Making the titular character, someone who’s struggling with social norms. And one who finds clarity while called to duty, is empowering. So many children struggling with autism find power and serenity in either drawing, or playing with crystal clear colors. Focus hopefully, will not only provide a hero worth cheering for, but a hero for the unspoken, on all platforms, for years to come. Focus” (Tony Todd: November 2 2017)

Celebrities who support Focus Comic & Autism Awareness include

Tony Todd; Kevin Sorbo, Adelaide Kane, Kevin McNally, Seth Gilliam, John Wesley Shipp, Sam Jones, Melody Anderson, Aimee Garcia, Mark Pellegrino, David J Fielding, Johnny Yong Bosch, Austin St John, Roger Clark, Rob Wiethoff, Sonny Strait, Sean Schemnel, Cynthia Cranz, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Garrett Wang, Jesse Kove, Ming Chen, Randy Rogel, Gail Kim, Lisa Marie Varon, Irene Bedard, Jed Rees, Jess Harnell, Ellen Dubin, Joe Ochman, Jen Cohn, Johnny Cruz, Jonah Ray, DeeDee Magno Hall, Tara Sands, Cal Dodd, Chris Potter, Chris Britton, Larry Houston, Lex Lang, Dana Delarenzo, Barry Bostwick, Nichelle Nichols and Athena Finger and more. Click here to watch the celebrity interviews.

We recently had a Focus Comic Panel a Greater Austin comic Con, Fan X comic con and LA comic con was televised internationally in Amazon Prime with the help of Yvonne Wan, who is also a broadcast film maker.


Above: Focus comic panel with Tony Todd at FanX comic con 2019.

The comic is published in English, Chinese and French. We hope to publish it in more languages. Our aim is to raise autism awareness and acceptance on a global scale.  Commercial Anthropologist Yvonne Wan will work closely with fluent interpreters to translate the comic into different languages.

Autism Awareness is an important issue that affects everyone in society and our community. Autism Currently affects 1 in 54 kids in the USA, and it is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in America. Autism is a global issue. People with autism are our neighbors, friends and family. Autism is currently under represented in the media. When autistic individuals are seen in the media, they are often portrayed in a negative way. We hope to address this issue by devising a long term communications plan that will allow people to learn about what autism is, and accept and celebrate human diversity.

So what is special about Focus ? Click here to learn more about Focus.

We have a long term communications plan in place so that the social cause campaign can make a large impact on society.

Yvonne’s ethnographic research into the lives of autistic families is an on going process. She has someone close to her with autism, which is why she is dedicated to this project. We will also continue to film stories about autism at public outreach events such as Comicons to raise autism awareness. We are advocates for autism awareness. Any surplus funds that we raise will go back into our social cause campaign, such as investing more resources into our Autistic internship program (more interns, more training and better equipment) and art camp; improving the production values of the comic, maximizing our reach such as attending more community out reach events, producing educational films and broadcasting them on international TV, donating more books to children’s homes and producing future issues of Focus.

Focus is part of the ‘United Humanities Project’, which is a social cause initiative by Film Ethnographer LLC.

We hope to have more community outreach events and increase our social work with your help.

Please order our book and donate funds to help us with our journey.


All Rights belong to Yvonne Wan, Film Ethnographer LLC.