Focus Loves Tempe 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to our students for graduating from Focus Comic Loves Tempe Class of 2021. Our students graduated with 5 stars on the program and received a certificate of achievement featuring their art professionally colored by our Focus comic creator Yvonne Wan as a reward. We also gifted our graduates Anker noise cancelling wireless ear buds and Focus merchandize courtesy of Focus comics and our friends at Anker. This 5 week ‘Focus loves Tempe’ art program is partially funded by a City of Tempe community arts grant and Focus comics.

Yvonne Wan (our Focus creator and one of the art teachers) filmed the students present their art and ideas in a way that reflects aspects of the Arizona art curriculum. Many thanks to certified art teacher Douglas Hebert for assisting in class to. The kids enjoyed the presentation class where they learned to express what they drew panel by panel (a Focus comic strip), the meanings associated with the ideas that they drew and explore social and cultural themes related to super heroes and art. Our students enjoyed practicing speaking in front of an audience and present their art work to others. Click here to watch our students present their art in class.

We are proud to champion autistic and special needs talent.

Here are the students certificate of achievements with the students pencil and ink art and colored professionally by Yvonne Wan: