Check out our latest International comic cover art! Now available to order online!

Focus comic is now available to order in English, French, Chinese and German. The English, French and Chinese book has been released for sale. The official release date for the German issue is August 1st 2021. We are proud to reveal our digital and print cover featuring art by Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert. Inks and Colors by Yvonne Wan.

The book features art by Marvel and DC comics professional comic artists, plus autistic interns. Our latest interns Hunter Campos, Matthew Goebel and Emmett Sturtz art can be seen on the community page!

This year, we decided to publish 3 autistic art interns for the German issue of Focus comic. We also decided to give them their own variant cover.

We highly recommend you order the English and the German book bundle so you can read the book and appreciate the new art work by our new interns.

We look forward to receiving your orders and autograph requests! Thank you for supporting our book and social initiative supporting kids with special needs.