Meet our new autistic Trading Card intern: William Clair, 13 years old. Please support his art

We are pleased to announce that William Clair of Clermont, Florida has joined our Focus comic team as our latest Trading card intern with autism. William is 13 years old. Hunter loves to draw and he loves basketball.

William would love for you to support his art by ordering his trading card and autograph. Autographs are $5 extra plus a $2.50 to cover the transaction fee and extra shipping cost. 100% of the autograph money ($5) goes to our interns to support them as artists. The proceeds will be used to buy things such as art supplies to help them fulfill their creative potential.

We have introduced a special promotional offer. You can now order the full set of 28 cards for $65 inclusive of shipping and taxes. You will also receive a limited edition A5 print by one of our interns of your choice.

Alternatively, you may order a random 4 piece trading card set for just $12.50 inclusive of shipping and taxes. 3 of the cards will be random, and 1 of the cards will feature art by an intern of your choice.

28 Trading cards offer:

Product and Autograph option
Print choice by:

4 Piece Trading card offer:

Item + Shipping option
Choice of 1 Trading Card Artist with Autism

Thank you for your support.