Community Outreach Event in Glendale Arizona: New Retail Partner, Trading Card Intern signing event and Free Art portfolio reviews

Please come and support our new 11 year old autistic trading card intern Matthew Gobel this Friday at Justice Comics store at 10.45am to celebrate the release of his trading card! Douglas Hebert the main artist for Focus comic and Yvonne Wan (the creator, writer and one of the artists) will be attending the event also. If your kids like to draw, feel free to bring their art portfolios down for a free portfolio review. We are also happy to sign autographs on the first issue of Focus comic at the store! Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by professionals plus interns with autism. We also run a free art camp supporting kids with special needs. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Justice Comics Store: 5434 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

Date: 28 May 2021

Time: 10.45-11.10 AM

Attending: Yvonne Wan (Focus comic creator, Writer and Artist); Douglas Hebert (Main Focus comic artist) and Matthew Goebel, 11 year old autistic intern.