Focus Comic Greeting Cards featuring art by Autistic interns: Cirdan and Eli

Looking for some holiday cards this year and wanting to spread some goodwill? Check out these amazing cards draw by our autistic interns Cirdan and Eli. Order a set of 4 identical Seasonal greeting cards by our autistic interns Cirdan Mater and Elias Gregoire today. The cards are $10 for 4. Proceeds go towards championing autistic talent, and also our Comic internship fundraiser.

Our funding goal is $1,000 per comic internship, where each intern will receive their own published variant cover and comic strip in the next international issue of Focus.

Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving the order and will be sent by first class mail. 4 identical trading cards will come with 4 envelopes. The inside of the card is left blank. The cards are printed on 100 lb card stock, and are approx 5″ x 3.75″ inches in size.

You are welcome to request our intern Eli and Cirdan to sign one of the cards for $5 extra. The autograph will be placed on the back of the card unless you request it to be signed else where at the time of transacting. 100% of the autograph proceeds will go to our interns trust fund in support of autistic talent.

Local pick up option:

You may save on delivery cost and time by collecting the item from Yvonne who is located at West of Phoenix.

We are accepting USA orders only for this product, to to timelines on shipping.

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