The Focus French Website is now live.

The French Website for Focus Comic is now live! Check it out. Http://

Thank you Yvonne Wan, the creator of Focus for setting up this website. She will be adding more content including videos in French on the website so that the French speaking population can learn about Focus, one of the worlds first autistic super heroes. It is a very entertaining comic book suitable for all ages.

Focus is also part of a humanitarian project that maintains dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with it. The project also champions autistic talent and give autistic individuals hope of acceptance.

This project is lead by sole creator Yvonne Wan, who is a certified social cultural anthropologist. She is the Creator, Writer, contributing artist, contributing colorist, contributing internship coach and free art camp art teacher for Focus.

Please support us in any way you can. Together we can make the world a better place.

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