Focus Comic Halloween Sketchathon Event – Free comic drawing workshop

Focus comic will be having a Focus comic Halloween sketchathon on October 26 and October 27 2019. This event is open to the general public for individuals with our without autism.

Attend any time between 11am-4pm on October 26, or between 1-3pm on October 27th 2019 for a free comic drawing workshop provided by Focus comic. Leading the class is certified elementary school art teacher, local hero and international comic book artist Douglas Hebert. Also teaching that day, is the Creator of Focus comic, who is also an award winning artist. They will both be wearing halloween costumes, and the classroom will have a halloween theme.

We will teach kids and young adults how to draw Focus celebrating halloween. For example, Focus as a ghost, Focus on a pumpkin patch, Focus in a haunted house.

The tutoring will vary for each student, from 30 mins to an hour to learn the fundamentals on comic drawing, how to draw a simplified version of Focus and halloween inspired scenarios. We will learn how to master pencil art, and coloring.

The art work from the sketchathon will be shared for public viewing so the artists can be proud of their work being publicly exhibited, and the community can appreciate their creativity.

There will be prizes for best halloween costume and art creativity. There will be free candy, free fun and free snacks.

The most notable art work will be showcased on the Focus comic website.

More info about the sketchathon: We are raising funds for our free art camp for autistic kids and young adults, and to give our new intern their own variant cover for the Chinese issue of Focus comic.

After the free workshop, the sketchathon will begin outside of class time. Students will be given a week to draw as many pictures of Focus in different halloween scenarios. The sketchathon ends November 2nd where the kids will end their drawing challenge. They will have a week to collect the funds. We will collect the funds from the students on the 9th of November and will announce the winners in class that day.

If you would like to participate in our sketchathon, please email us to sign up for the sketchathon: [email protected] with the email subject title: Sketchathon . Feel free to call Yvonne if you have any questions.

Once you sign up, Yvonne will send you a sponsorship form so you can find sponsors. Alternatively, you will be given a sponsorship form in class, so you can find sponsors during the week of your sketchathon challenge.

A parent or a legal guardian will need to attend with students below 18.

There will be complimentary filming and photography so everyone can have a fun memory of the event.

At the end of the class, everyone will have gained comic book drawing skills. We are currently looking for new interns so please do come to our event if you are an aspiring comic book artist and would like an opportunity to apply for our internship and have the possibility of having your work published in Focus comic.

Organizer: Yvonne Wan. 480 787 6729

Address: Focus comic Art camp. Desert Dragon Pottery. 25037 N 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85085

Some of the best art work will be displayed publicly so the students can be proud of their drawings.

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