Focus Comic TV Presenter Intern Announcement

We are proud to announce that Nathan Archer of Phoenix Arizona has joined our Focus comic team as a TV Presenter Intern. Nathan is 17 years old with autism, and is very good at public speaking. Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan will be responsible for his training and development.

Yvonne Wan, the creator of Focus comic is a certified social cultural anthropologist; broadcast film ethnographer and experienced communications planner. She will film Nathan interviewing the public about the importance of autism awareness and community at the Focus comic booth at FanX comic con. If you are attending FanX comic con, please drop by our booth to say hi, and support us with our goal in promoting autism awareness and maintaining dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with it.

Nathan will also be a guest panelist at the Focus comic Panel at Fan X.

Yvonne and Douglas both look forward to helping Nathan to become a professional TV presenter. Individuals with autism are currently underrepresented in the media. We are hoping to give autistic people a stronger voice within the community through our social initiative.

If you would like to support our social initiative please purchase a copy of Focus comic or participate in our silent auction. Please also let people you know about our project. Thanks.

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