Community Outreach at FanX Comic con in Salt Lake City a great success

Above: Douglas Hebert (main Focus artist); Yvonne Wan (Focus Creator) and Nathan Archer (Focus Comic Tv Presenter Intern with Autism)

Focus Comic had a successful community outreach event at FanX Fall 2019 where Yvonne Wan (Focus comic creator); and Douglas Hebert (Focus comic main artist and internship coach) and Nathan Archer (Focus comic TV Presenter Intern with Autism) engaged with the public at their booth and at the Focus Panel and provided free art workshops for kids and young adults.

Thank you FanX for supporting us by providing us a platform to reach a massive audience in raising autism awareness and acceptance. We also thank them for their wonderful hospitality.

Here is a highlights film that Yvonne Wan made of the event:

We enjoyed engaging with the public about autism awareness and acceptance; and also encouraging kids to fulfill their creative potential.

The book was appreciated by locals especially kids and young adults with autism. The kids loved the community coloring competition in particular and loved coming on stage to show case their talent and collect their prizes.

Here are some of the best submissions:

Here is a picture of the first prize winner. Thanks to everyone who participated in the coloring competition, and thank you to the following companies for giving back to the community by donating prizes:

The Peery Hotel. One Night Stay

Sonoma Grill Restaurant – Gift Cards

Film Ethnographer LLC – Full sets of Focus Comic Trading Cards

We also give a special thanks to FanX for supporting Focus comic and autism awareness.

Above is a highlights film made by Yvonne, showing participants and the winners of the community coloring competition. The winners were invited to showcase their art on stage, and Yvonne televised the footage on International TV. Photos can be found on our Facebook page.

During the Panel, one of the competition runner ups proposed on stage. Yvonne caught all the action on film. Congratulations to Colt and Stephanie with their engagement:

Here are the top ten community outreach interviews that Yvonne managed to film at Fan X. Nathan Archer, our new Focus comic TV presenter intern with autism conducted the interviews. Nathan was excited to represent autistic talent at the event, in an effort to promote autism awareness and acceptance. Please view Yvonne’s You Tube channel for a comprehensive list of films and interviews that Yvonne filmed in support of community.

Here is a film of our Focus comic Panel at FanX Fall. The panel features Yvonne Wan (Creator); Douglas Hebert (Main artist) and Nathan Archer (Autistic intern) as panelists. The Focus comic panel introduced the audience to the book, details about our recent activities and an exploration of how kids relate to comics and super heroes. Yvonne conducted interviews with kids at their art camp about their favorite super heroes and why. The panel reveals how comics shape the world views of todays youth.

The panel was filmed and edited by Yvonne Wan and will be aired on international TV within a week.

We also had the privilege of interviewing Bob Almond, the inker for Black Panther. Autism awareness is an issue that is close to Bob’s heart and the interview shows how much he understands the importance of autism awareness and acceptance within society.

Thank you Jess Harnell and Jonny Cruz for accepting an interview from our intern Nathan who has autism at FanX:

We give special thanks to Peery Hotel for the outstanding hospitality they provided us. They looked after our needs whilst we were in town to do valuable community work for the people in Salt Lake City.

If you have not yet purchased a copy of Focus, please order Focus through this website or through one of our retail partner stores today.

Lastly, here is a fun film Yvonne made with some of the cosplayers who dropped by our Focus booth:

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