Focus Comic Art Summer Camp. Free for autistic kids and young adults – Week 6

We are 6 weeks into our Focus comic free summer camp for kids and young adults with autism. This week, we had fun teaching the kids how to create super hero clay masks to help them feel empowered. We also created some family hand print plaques and gave the kids a tour of the Kilns. Last week, the kids learned how to use the slab roller and sculpt their projects into shape. This week, the kids learned how to paint and glaze their projects to their desires. Here are a few examples of the masks made in class. We will fire the projects next week, which will give the masks a shiny appearance.

Here is the highlights film to the super heroes mask project for week 6:

Here is footage of Jett learning to use our new slab roller for the mask project:

Here is what Amber and Blaze have to say about their experience of the class:

We also had a head start on the family clay hand print ceremony this week which will give autistic kids a precious keep sake to remind them of their childhood, and give them a strong sense of self, identity and family.

Here are two films showing Blaze learning how to use the new slab roller:

Here is footage of Jett’s family hand print ceremony:

Here is footage of Blaze’s hand print ceremony:

Here is footage of a tour of the kilns at our Focus comic summer camp at Desert dragon pottery:

Here are a few pictures from this weeks class. Please visit our Facebook page to see more images.

If you are interested in attending our Focus comic free summer camp for autistic kids and young adults, please register for a place in class by following the registration process on the post advertising the next class.

If you have not yet read Focus comic, or would like to support Focus comic, please purchase a book online or through one of our retail partners. In addition, please participate in our silent auction to help us raise funds for our social cause project.

Thank you.

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