Focus Comic Free Summer Camp – New Dates


Following the success of the Focus Comic Free summer camp for autistic kids and young adults, we are announcing new dates for the next set of classes.

On June 15th, the kids will get to complete their Super Hero and magical beast sculptures by painting their fired pieces of clay.

The next new project will start June 22nd and registration is now open for this new class.

The class on June 22nd has a theme of Monsters, Zombies and Trolls. We chose this theme because Zombies are seen in Book 1 of Focus comic. It will be a two part class, where the kids will attend the first class to sculpt their project on June 22nd. They will return to the art studio on July 6th to paint their projects after they have been fired professionally in the kiln. The sculptures cannot be painted before hand, as the clay will need to dry and be fired first – or they will crumble.

Douglas Hebert, Professional Sculptor; Head artist and art internship coach for Focus comic will be teaching with Yvonne Wan, creator of Focus comic. Yvonne is also an award winning artist to.

Doug will teach the kids valuable clay sculpting techniques such as how to make pinch pot monsters. The kids can then make their own creation.

All art materials will be supplied free of charge to the students, and the firing of the sculptures will be free to. Complimentary drinks and snacks will be included.

Each project will take approximately 2 hours to sculpt, and 1 hour to paint.

Class starts at 1pm, Ends at 3pm on June 22nd. Class starts at 1pm on July 6th.

The projects will be ready to take home on the 6th July.

Completed projects will be photographed professionally in a photo booth so the kids can be proud of their art. Free photography provided courtesy of Film Ethnographer LLC.

Registration in advance is required so we can plan the correct resources per student. To sign up for the Focus mini summer camp for kids and young adults with autism, please email [email protected] with the subject title: Focus Comic Summer Camp.

Information needed in the email regarding the next class starting June 22nd and July 6th:

  1. Name of the student.
  2. Age of the student.
  3. Any food allergies that we need to know about.
  4. Parent’s/Guardians contact info and telephone number.

Parents/Guardians will need to be present during the classes, unless agreed beforehand.

The location of the Focus mini summer camp is:

Desert Dragon Pottery Art School. 25037 N 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85085

More dates for summer camp will be announced in due course.

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