Heroes without Capes

Heroes without Capes – Supporters of Focus Comic & Autism Awareness

Thank you to all the celebrities who support Focus comic, autism awareness and acceptance. Our mission is to entertain readers and maintain dignity for individuals on the spectrum, by removing the stigma associated with autism. Thank you to all the celebrities who are using their voice for social good. I would also like to give a special thanks to ACE Comic Con; FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention and Greater Austin Comic Con who have been championing autistic talent within the comic industry with us. We hope more individuals and organizations will join us with our social movement as we strive to continue with our efforts to entertain readers on a large scale, whilst upholding humanitarian values that promote a culture of inclusion for all. A special thanks goes out to celebrity Tony Todd our goodwill ambassador, the voice of Focus and character Thato within the book. Thank you to all the artists and contributors to the book also.

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