Community Outreach at FanX Comic Con at Salt Lake City, Utah a success

Our creator Yvonne Wan, had a successful community outreach event at FanX comic con at Salt Lake City, Utah, wheres she promoted autism awareness and inclusion through her comic book creation and social initiative.

Attending FanX comic con were celebrities including Tony Todd, Jess Harnell, Aimee Garcia, Seth Gilliam, Mark Pellgrino, Rob Wiethoff, Roger Clark, Garrett Wang, Adelaide Kane and Irene Bedard. Douglas Hebert also attended to! Yvonne had the privilege of having her table next to Tony’s throughout the full event.

In an interview about autism awareness. Tony shared the following thoughts:

If you have somebody in your family, or someone close to you who maybe marginalized or outcast, do everything you can to pull them closer. Identify their special abilities, everyone has something special they can do, whether it is drawing something in a comic book, being a voice over person or actor, whether it is learning to read or write, whether it is performing, or going around making people smile. Making people feel happy, and secure about their situation in life…. Treat people the way you want to be treated and the world will be a much better place. Support Focus comic. You can find me on Twitter at Tonytodd54. God Bless Everybody. Remember. You are a star.” (Quote: Interview with Tony Todd at Fanx Spr 19)

The general public loved learning about Focus the autistic super hero and how Yvonne plans to transform a generation of young kids in perceiving autism and disability in a different way.

The general public were also excited to see all the variant covers on display and Yvonne’s original art at the show.

Thank you to everyone for showing their support.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Focus booth to share their voice regarding why they think autism awareness is important.

Comic cons are a lot of fun, and a great way to connect with people and build stronger bonds as a community. If you have never been to a comic con, we highly recommend you give it a try!

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