Heroes without Capes – Team Focus

#HeroesWithoutCapes Thank you to everyone, especially #TeamFocus and Office Depot who helped make Focus Comic happen. Thank you for shining your light on the world, and giving hope to #autistickids and young adults. If you have not yet ordered the book, please support us by placing an order or donating funds through this website . There are 16 covers to collect. Our aim is to have community outreach events in all 50 states. We need your support with this journey. #autismawareness #love #community. Focus Team members: Tony Todd; Yvonne Wan, Douglas A Hebert, Tabidi Elkhalil, Malekith George, Paul Mounts, Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Kevin Anthony De Castro, Jenn Corella, Luis Guerrero, Ashler Bate, Jim Boswell, Steve Canon, Sarah Christina. Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna. Special thanks to ACE Comic Con; Greater Austin Comicon 2019, Walker Stalker Convention, Douglas Roemer, Corinna Santiago Repucci, Traci Goure, Ron De La Torre, Sarah England, Pauline Lysiak, Rifat Kamal Saif, Vivien Chung, Helmi Aouali, Michelle Katz, James Connery, Ron Brown, Franci Alberding, Holly Hedge, Gabbriel Jay Pangilinan, Troy George Stephen Shamus, Gareb Shamus, Alex Rae, Vo Nguyen and many others who I have thanked personally. I appreciate you guys.


Yvonne Wan (MSC)

Certified Social Cultural Anthropologist and Sole Creator of Focus Comic

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