Focus Comic – Variant Cover K – Line Art by Yvonne Wan – Colored by Luis Guerrero


We are proud to announce that we are now officially releasing  all 16 covers (1 main cover and 15 variant covers) of Focus Comic for online purchase.


This is variant cover K featuring line art of Sigirid the Viking Sorceress by Yvonne Wan, the sole creator of Focus. In this variant cover, Sigrid is caught by surprise as Focus uses his light bending suit to combust light on some documents. Sigrid’s drink is seen flying comically across the room. Focus is seen here wearing a light bending suit which resembles a disco ball with cubist contours. This cover is drawn from a first person perspective, which is why Focus’s hand is shown and not his body. The light bending suit manipulates light in many ways. Focus is completely human underneath and posses the power of precognition which is tied to his autism. Focus has an inbuilt visor which provides him with data. He is able to focus in on the data and calculate probabilities in his mind effectively due to his autism. Subsequently, the power of foresight gives him the ability to prevent bad things from happening as a hero.

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The line art on this variant cover ‘K’ is by sole creator of Focus comic Yvonne Wan. The cover is colored by Luis Guerrero.



Yvonne Wan is a social cultural anthropologist who studies autistic families. She recently produced a short documentary about autism which can be viewed on international TV. Her mission is to entertain readers on a mass scale and remove the stigma associated with autism. She believes that this social program will unite the community by promoting greater representation of autistic talent in the media and comic book industry; a culture of inclusion and provide hope to those affected by autism. This program demonstrates that people with autism can contribute in society in meaningful ways with the help of a supportive community. This project is already transforming and saving lives through the social work it has done so far. We have donated 118 comic books to autistic kids and hope to donate more soon.

Yvonne is also the writer and one of the artists within this comic, and also coaches the interns with autism with the help of certified art teacher Douglas Hebert. She is an award winning artist and loves working from direct observation in particular. She loves painting portraits with oil colors the most, and enjoys capturing people’s identity through the art that she creates. She is also a sculptor and have many other talents including photography and broadcast film making to. Her biggest passion in life is making a positive difference in society and in people’s lives.

Luis Guerrero who is known for working on The Flash, is a contributing colorist for Focus. Luis Guerrero cares about autism awareness and supporting the community on important social matters. Luis did an amazing job coloring Yvonne’s line art within the book and on several variant covers. Luis is very skilled at rendering skin tones and colors in a way that brings great realism to line art. Luis skills really complimented Yvonne’s portrait skills within Focus comic. He was able to bring the characters to life with realistic flesh toned colors, and had creative coloring solutions that made the art stand out even more. We love the way Luis illuminated the room with light and clean shadows in this variant cover. He really knows how to give images depth, realism and warmth through use of complimentary colors. This cover is popular with male comic collectors in particular.



Contributing Artists: Yvonne Wan; Douglas Hebert, Tabidi Elkhalil; Francisco Rodriguez, Jenn Corella.

Contributing Colorists: Paul Mounts, Luis Guerrero, Jim Boswell; Ashler Bate; Sarah Christina, Kevin De Castro, Steve Canon and Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna.

Interns with Autism: Tabidi Elkhalil and Malekith George.


We thank everyone for their support.



The comics are printed on 100lb card stock by Office Depot, who are our official sponsors of our internship program. The book is comprised of an entire story plus a community page section.


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