Focus Comic – Variant Cover E – Line Art of Focus & Inks by Douglas Hebert – Colored by Paul Mounts



We are proud to announce that we are now officially releasing  all 16 covers (1 main cover and 15 variant covers) of Focus Comic for online purchase.

This is variant cover E featuring a heroic pose of Focus, an autistic hero. Line art of Focus and inks by Douglas Hebert  who is the main artist and daily internship coach of Focus Comic. The cityscape and skylines were drawn by legendary Paul Mounts. This is a wonderful collaborative piece of art between Douglas Hebert and Paul Mounts. Focus is seen here wearing a light bending suit which resembles a disco ball with cubist contours. The light bending suit manipulates light in many ways. Focus is completely human underneath and posses the power of precognition which is tied to his autism. Focus has an inbuilt visor which provides him with data. He is able to focus in on the data and calculate probabilities in his mind effectively due to his autism. Subsequently, the power of foresight gives him the ability to prevent bad things from happening as a hero.



Douglas Hebert is a certified art teacher who teaches 1,500 art students a year in Arizona. He is the main artist for Focus comic and coaches the Focus comic interns daily. He loves comics, drawing and teaching. He is passionate about helping kids and young adults fulfill their creative potential. He is an award winning artist and sculptor and is on the board of the Arizona Artist Guild. He believes social work is important in all communities and that believes this social program can remove the stigma associated with autism, help kids feel like every day heroes and save lives.

Legendary Paul Mounts, most famously known for working on Spiderman is a contributing colorist for Focus. It was a big privilege to have Paul Mounts color the opening scenes of Focus, plus some covers for issue 1. He did an amazing job drawing the cityscape and beautiful blue skies and warm clouds. Paul is very skilled and experienced in making art stand out and capture ones imagination. He accentuated the cubist contours by giving the edges a white glow of light with hints of warm yellow. We love the way the light sparkles off Focus light bending suit. It gives the suit a charge of energy and mesmerizing beauty. Paul carefully colored each tile with attention to detail, giving it a mirrored and three dimensional look. He did a very skilled job creating a detailed backdrop placing Focus high up above the city, in the heart of the community. Focus is posing heroically as he guards the city against crime and danger. Paul Mounts has a big heart towards autism awareness and acceptance and understands the importance of supporting social projects that promote community and inclusion.

Here is an interview with Paul Mounts concerning the importance of autism awareness:



Contributing Artists: Yvonne Wan; Douglas Hebert, Tabidi Elkhalil; Francisco Rodriguez, Jenn Corella. Paul Mounts.

Contributing Colorists: Paul Mounts, Luis Guerrero, Jim Boswell; Ashler Bate; Sarah Christina, Kevin De Castro, Steve Canon and Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna.

Interns with Autism: Tabidi Elkhalil and Malekith George.


We thank everyone for their support.



The comics are printed on 100lb card stock by Office Depot, who are our official sponsors of our internship program. The book is comprised of an entire story plus a community page section.


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