Focus Comic – Variant Cover D – Line Art by Malekith George who has Autism – Colored by Paul Mounts


We are proud to announce that we are now officially releasing  all 16 covers (1 main cover and 15 variant covers) of Focus Comic for online purchase.

This is variant cover D featuring line art by Malekith George, our Focus Comic art intern who has autism. Coaching by certified art teacher Douglas Hebert. Colored by legendary Paul Mounts who is most famously known for working on Spiderman. Malekith is one of the worlds youngest comic strip artists who has autism to get his comic art published and have his own variant cover. Malekith is one of the community page contributors where he drew a 4 panel story with the help of social cultural anthropologist Yvonne Wan, certified art teacher Douglas Hebert and professional colorist Paul Mounts. It was a great pleasure for everyone to help Malekith fulfill his creative potential. We thank Office Depot in particular for sponsoring our internship program and giving Malekith his own variant cover. Office Depot helped Malekith fulfill his dreams in becoming a published comic strip artist. Watch the following interview with Malekith to learn more about what the Focus project means to him:



Paul Mounts has a big heart towards autism awareness and acceptance and understands the importance of supporting social projects that promote community and inclusion.

Here is an interview with Paul Mounts concerning the importance of autism awareness:



Contributing Artists: Yvonne Wan; Douglas Hebert, Tabidi Elkhalil; Francisco Rodriguez, Jenn Corella.

Contributing Colorists: Paul Mounts, Luis Guerrero, Jim Boswell; Ashler Bate; Sarah Christina, Kevin De Castro, Steve Canon and Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna.

Interns with Autism: Tabidi Elkhalil and Malekith George.


Thank you everyone for their support.



The comics are printed on 100lb card stock by Office Depot, who are our official sponsors of our internship program. The book is comprised of an entire story plus a community page section.


Please order your Focus comic book today!

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