Tony Todd interview – I’m proud to be an ambassador

Check out this 60 second interview with our Focus Comic goodwill ambassador Tony Todd. Film starring Tony Todd; Yvonne Wan; Douglas Hebert, Tabidi, Malekith. Thank you Office Depot for sponsoring our daily internship program and giving our interns with autism their own covers. Thank you for powering their dreams. Thank you to all the contributing artists Yvonne Wan; Douglas Hebert; Paul Mounts; Kevin Anthony De Castro; Francisco Javier Rodriguez; Jenn Corella; Luis Guerrero; Ashler Bate; Jim Boswell; Malekith George; Tabidi Elkhalil; Steve Canon ; Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna, and Sarah Christina. Thank you to ACE Comic Con; Greater Austin Comic Con; Tucson Comic-Con, Phoenix Fan Fusion and everyone else for their support. Thank you. Please support us by ordering 1 of 16 variant covers which are now available to order through our website.

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