Focus Comic Hits the Shelves in California



Thank you Comic Hero University for being the first comic book store to stock Focus Comic in LA. Please visit their store if you would like our comic and live near the area. If not please visit one of our retail partners or order online. We thank them for having our comics featured alongside Spiderman on the wall display. The comics can also be found on the New Release section next to The Immortal Hulk (colored by Paul Mounts who is also an official colorist for Focus) and Kevin Eastman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Thank you to Tony Todd for being our goodwill ambassador. Thank you to all the artists who contributed to this social cause comic: Yvonne Wan; Douglas A Hebert; Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Tabidi Elkhalil; Jenn Corella; Ashler Bate, Paul Mounts; Jim Boswell, Steve Canon; Sarah Christina; Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna; Luis Guerrero.


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