Focus Comic Cover for Issue 1: English Edition


We are excited to show you the main cover for Focus issue 1 (English edition) featuring the original design sketch by Yvonne Wan. Yvonne is the sole creator of Focus. Many thanks to Legendary Paul Mounts (The official Spiderman Colorist) for coloring our main cover and also the opening scenes to this important social cause comic. Paul is an amazing colorist and has a big heart for important social causes such as advocating for autism awareness and acceptance.


Here is what Paul has to say about the importance of autism awareness and the symbolic significance for an autistic super hero.
Our final line up of artists and colorists contributing to our social cause project are:

Yvonne Wan
Douglas Hebert
Tabidi Elkhalil (Our 21 year old autistic intern)
Malekith George (Our 12 year old autistic intern)
Paul Mounts
Francisco Rodriguez
Kevin De Castro
Jenn Corella
Luis Guerrero
Ashler Bate
Jim Boswell
Steve Canon
Sarah Christina

The main cover is of historical significance as it captures the beginning of an autistic super hero and important social cause project that will transform the lives of many kids and adults affected by autism.

We have an exciting story to tell and all the art has been beautifully drawn and colored. The comic is a top quality action adventure horror comic suitable for all ages. The English edition pages have been submitted for printing and we should have them available for dispatch by the end of this month. The foreign language issues will be available in due course. Dates for the foreign language release will be announced soon.

We are grateful to everyone who have given us support with our mission to transform the lives of many kids and families affected by autism through our community work. Please find us at Greater Austin Comicon and Ace Comicon Seattle in June where we will have a Focus Panel with our official good will ambassador Tony Todd at Greater Austin, and where our next two community outreach events will take place with the public.

If you have not yet ordered your Focus Comic, you may pre-order it at

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