Focus Comic Creator Spotlight

Yvonne Wan is a certified social-cultural anthropologist and sole creator of Focus Comic. Yvonne is an award-winning artist, broadcast documentary filmmaker, writer, and communications planner. Former employers include Cartoon Network, Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy and Mather. Yvonne is passionate about social projects that unite communities together.

Yvonne has won various awards including the Inspiration in life award hosted by the Discovery Channel and Media Week. Yvonne has also won a university project award on aging; including Art, Photography and Language awards. Yvonne has also worked on award winning advertising campaigns. She is specialist in communications planning and strategy development.

Yvonne studies autistic families in Arizona and have produced a mini ethnographic documentary which can be found on Amazon Prime International. She is the main driver of this social cause campaign. She cares greatly about this social cause and believes whole heartedly that the Focus project can maintain human dignity for special needs individuals by removing the stigma. Please click here to read an article that Yvonne wrote about the importance of supporting the arts and special needs awareness.

Focus is an action-adventure horror comic that features an autistic superhero. Focus also features various art programs where certified art teacher Douglas Hebert and Yvonne Wan teach mixed ability students including those with special needs.  Community outreach events have become an integral part of their social cause initiative.

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