Focus Comic Panel at Tucson Comicon – Promo Film Premiere – Tony Todd, Jesse Kove & Bryan Dodds

Focus comic received a warm welcome at Tucson Comicon 2017. We held our first Focus Comic Panel and Animation Promo Film Premier at the event, which features the voice talents of Tony Todd, Jesse Kove and Bryan Dodds.

Certified Commercial Social Cultural Anthropologist and Sole Creator of Focus comic introduced the audience to this exciting action adventure comic which is also part of an Autism Awareness Social Cause Campaign. She invited Troy George, who has a son with Autism to share his story about why Autism Awareness is important, and the symbolic significance of an Autistic Super Hero.

This project will challenge the stigma associated with autism; help autistic kids feel like every day heroes. Yvonne Wan have been studying autistic families in Arizona for over a year, and produced a short documentary about Autistic Families. The comic utilizes Yvonne’s communication planning experience to deliver an exciting comic that will gradually change people’s perception about autism. Focus is a symbol of hope and courage for autistic individuals and families. The comic celebrates human diversity, autism awareness and acceptance. The comic is unique in that it is not limited to a published comic. Yvonne will be present at community outreach events and will use her film ethnography skills to give the public and autistic families a voice in mass media to share their stories with the world. Autistic families deserve to have their voices heard and acknowledged in the media more often. Together we can make this world a better place for everyone.

Yvonne Wan, Focus Co-Creator, at the Focus Panel at Tucson Comicon 2017

Many Thanks to Dan Quiroga for being the Panelist Moderator. We appreciate you!

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