Focus Comic – An Autistic Super Hero Arrives – Short Animation Film to be released at Tucson Comicon

Autism Awareness is an important issue that affects everyone in society and our community. Autism Currently affects 1 in 68 kids in the USA, and it is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the USA. Autism is a global issue. People with autism are our neighbors, friends and family. Autism is currently under represented in the media. When autistic individuals are seen in the media, they are often portrayed in a negative way.

Social Cultural anthropologist / Advertising Consultant Yvonne Wan (Msc) is creating an action adventure comic featuring an Autistic Super Hero called ‘Focus’. Focus is one of the first Autistic Super Heroes to be featured in a comic. The objective of the comic is to challenge the stigma associated with autism; help autistic kids feel they can be everyday heroes and save lives. The comic will first and foremost be an action packed entertainment comic that comic fans will love to immerse themselves into. The comic is part of a long term communication plan where the general public will learn more about autism to help people better understand the condition and be more accepting of it. The comic will draw insights about Autism from Yvonne’s expertise as an anthropologist. Yvonne has conducted field research on autism and have also produced a short ethnographic documentary about Autistic families living in Arizona. We are confident that our campaign can achieve some social good with the support of the general public.

The source of Focus’s power derives from his Autistic condition. He has the power of ‘pre-cognition’ because he is able to absorb large amounts of historical data and knowledge and focus in on connections fast. He is therefore able to predict events before they happen. Focus does not possess any super natural powers, because we want autistic kids feel they could be every day heroes. Focus is a strong fighter. He also has a high-tech invisibility cloak that is able to bend light, and also display light according to any configuration he wants. He is able to camouflage or draw attention to himself by controlling his costume through his computer helmet. We will learn about Focus’s identity through his actions, thoughts and beliefs as well as the way he interact with others. Other notable characters in issue one include members of his super team. We have co-created  a team of 6 super heroes, of which 4 have amazing super natural powers. We will disclose more about Focus and his universe at Tucson Comicon. We will launch phase two of our Autism Awareness Social Cause Campaign at Tucson Comicon 2017, on November 3, 4 and 5th. We will be at table 1116 where we will present sample pages to our comic to the general public; comic fans and autistic families. We will also release a short animation film of Focus Comic at the event. The short animation film involves a bank robbery scene in the USA. Tony Todd the Hollywood actor (famous for The Candyman, Star Trek and Final Destination) is supporting our social cause campaign by providing the voice for the main character Focus within this short animation film. Other actors supporting this social cause campaign include Jesse Kove and Bryan Dodds.

We will give away posters at the event, and also provide fans an opportunity to win a chance to appear in our comic by promoting a raffle. We also invite the general public and autistic families to share stories on camera at the event, about why Autism Awareness is important.

The comic is part of a global autism awareness campaign. We have interpreted the samples pages into 9 international languages with the help of an anthropologist (Yvonne) and international interpreters.

Please support our campaign by visiting our booth at Tucson comicon.


We have been featured on Fox News, CBS5, ABC News, CBS Philly) so far.

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